Growing up near Houston, TX Jason started inner city fishing at Brays Bayou & Buffalo Bayou as a young boy. By the time he was 12 years old he was tying his own knots, making his own leaders, and prepared his own bait. He enjoyed all sorts of fishing, anything from conventional fishing to fly fishing. Learning how to tie his own flies fulfilled not only his artistic and creative side, but satisfied his meticulous nature. He took just as much pleasure in the preparation process as he did landing the big fish.

Jason is forever learning & he still loves the challenge of the hunt. The challenge of being able to anticipate what the fish are doing, the weather, seasonal patterns, knowing when and where to use which rigs, perfecting the baiting process, etc can be very gratifying when operating at full potential. Having a deep desire to study in general, Jason believes it is important to always continue honing his skills and knowledge. Never tiring of the exploration, he takes great pleasure in scouting new locations and professes there is something special about the mystery of a new spot.

Over the years, the passion has not wavered. The only change is he gratefully calls it his job now. These guided trips are a chance for him to exercise both his love for fishing and to have meaningful, deep discussions. Jason enjoying challenges of all kinds, recognizes they provide opportunity for growth in himself and others; he welcomes and appreciates thought provoking conversations during his trips.

It is beyond important to Jason that he gives his all, and hopes to exceed the expectations of all who fish with him!

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  • Toni
    ”As a young child, a family member  took me fishing.  As I waited, and waited... and waited for the BIG catch, I finally got a tug. As I reeled it in, out came my fish - ALL -- OF -- 6 INCHES long. Total let down...I swore off fishing for life! 60 years later, I decided to give it one last ditch effort - but this time with an expert! WOW!  What a difference a Pro makes.  Fishing with Jason was GREAT, and exceeded my expectations by far! Thrilled to finally catch the BIG one, I was pleasantly surprised at how much fun it was! Jason displayed a tremendous amount of skill, and his boat is Top Notch! Thank you Jason for a fun and exciting fish, can't wait to go again.”
  • Evan Pulver
    “I had a great fishing experience with Jason on Lake Conroe. I brought my 9 year old son and he was all smiles the whole trip. This was my first experience actually catching fish that were worth keeping, and I was so thankful to have Jason there to guide us along the way. He was always ready to explain the what and why of each part of the trip and had a great deal of patience with us. We took home enough catfish filets for a full on Catholic fish fry! We also got to explore Lake Conroe a bit and see the fire department training with their sea planes and to see underground bridges and structures from before the lake existed. It was nice to walk onto a prepared boat with poles ready for a day of fishing without doing all that work. I'm going to take my son out again this summer and we're both looking forward to it.“
    Evan Pulver


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